Tiffany Quinn

May 29, 2022

Using Youtube for Non-Profit Organisations

When you create a non-profit organisation, you do so with a purpose. You have a goal, a message, and you know that it is vital for your organisation to get as many eyes on your message as possible. So how do you stand out from the pack?

You can’t raise awareness about your chosen topic without getting people’s attention first. Social media is one avenue that allows us to get our message across to a wide number of people. However, all of the various platforms are full of people, all clamouring to be heard.

So how do you stand out from the pack?

Let’s look at Youtube. Youtube has over 2 billion logged in users each month. That’s a huge market. To get noticed on this platform is a real challenge, but to build a base of followers and gain some traction in this marketplace of ideas is the ultimate goal.

Your content should be aimed at the right people, people you believe will take an interest in what you’re producing. Build a persona, put yourself in their shoes, ask yourself what they would want to see, and create your content accordingly.

Everybody loves an underdog. Show stories of how your non-profit was able to overcome difficulties and how you’re succeeding with your goal. Did you help an impoverished farmer in a developing country get back on his feet? Has your non-profit helped school children develop a love for gardening, which will help our eco-system for generations to come? Show the people. Content that connects with people on an emotional level will leave a lasting impression, and bring your brand to the fore.

Take a look at Green Our Planet

Green Our Planet are an organisation that demonstrates to urban children the importance of gardening in a fun and educational way. They use Youtube to, not only spread their message, but to also show young kids how fun and rewarding gardening can be. Their content doesn’t just appeal to children, but also to adults who may wish to get themselves and their children involved.

But they don’t stop there. Their helpful and useful content will keep gardeners and those with an interest in the environment coming back again and again. A child who wishes to learn more about nature can easily digest this video about growing plants from seeds, while a more advanced gardener might enjoy this video showing how to build an aeroponics system.

These videos help to build awareness around your message and your non-profit. Green Our Planet have been the recipient of 7 awards since their launch in 2013, including the prized Obama Foundation Fellowship in 2019. So if there’s any doubt that Youtube can help you reach the right people then that should put those fears to rest.

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