Tiffany Quinn

March 24, 2023

The Planet is the Only Stakeholder

“We’re on the cusp of a clean tech arms race.” David Victor, professor of innovation and public policy at the University of California San Diego.

The US Climate Bill Sparks Global Competition for Planet-Saving Technologies

As planet-saving engineering, tech and social solutions attract larger sums of money, touch ever expanding areas of the world economy and involve more and more people, markets are ushering in increased investment in a future that prioritises people and planet alongside profit.

A historic US climate bill has opened up a new era in geopolitics, one of unprecedented global competition to develop planet-saving technologies.

The size of the US economy and the scale of the subsidies to develop green industries are forcing the EU to respond with offers, incentives and increased funding.

If the US and Europe work together to allow their industries access to each other’s markets then investments made in technologies will deliver greater good. Every week the engineering sector delivers innovative solutions to help reduce emissions and improve the energy performance of the built environment.

Overcoming the Marketing Challenges of Environmental Innovation

Nonprofits and social entrepreneurs experience the same constraints, they are committed and passionate, they truly believe in changing the world, but they are struggling to connect with their audiences because that is not their area of expertise and they have resourced operations over marketing.

Some of the major challenges experienced by innovators and inventors are selling, presenting, marketing and attracting investors, clients and funders.

Whether you are a sustainability engineer, or a nonprofit that is passionate about changing society for the better - the world needs to hear about your solution.

You will need a clear understanding of your value proposition, your vision, your mission, your core values and your audiences. And then you need a plan that maps out how you get your story in front of the people who need to hear it. You can read more tips on my latest blogpost Solutions, not Slogans!

By the way, we are very good at this stuff.

Give Tiffany a shout to hear more at or take a look at our new planet page to see optimised marketing solutions for your sustainable company or nonprofit.

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