Tiffany Quinn

June 7, 2022

The definition of insanity and your website strategy

If it aint broke should you fix it? Why you need to refresh your website.

The definition of insanity

Einstein said ‘the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result.' As human beings, we cultivate a peaceful environment, repeating the same activities as our brain feels secure in a known pattern. And when we are achieving success, why risk it by changing our ways? Our brain simply wants to protect us - change means danger, new challenges, and possible bad outcomes. 

Your website strategy 

You find a website template that works, you see results, and you keep going. You get very busy with all the work that comes in as a result of your great marketing and you put aside the idea of innovation, of change, of iterative improvement. After some time you notice a competitor’s new website - they’ve pushed the boat out, they got high resolution photos, they paid for some good videos - and now you feel like the poor relation, you realise it’s time to refresh.

Your website needs to bring its A Game for the bots

Organic evolution is fundamental in refreshing your website. Google’s insatiable Search Engine is always looking for new and quality content. Maybe your current website is up to speed, but if you don’t add new pages, it may rank lower than your competitors. By refreshing your website, you show the crawlers you are still in the game, still producing helpful and inspiring content, still worth throwing up as an organic result.

Reflect your brand personality and your people

A regularly refreshed site reflects the dynamic nature of your organisation. You give insight to the personality of your brand and this is a psychological differentiator that none of your competitors can copy. Your people will inevitably change, evolve and grow and you will complete new work.. Your website can provide a spectacular showcase for your successes and your people - you want your teams to be proud of that website and the brand they are representing. Your employees are your greatest brand evangelists - the more your website is up to date and reflects their good work, the greater chance they’ll send the link to potential staff or clients.  

MCA Architects for example always had a strong and beautiful site, and now it is becoming a research destination, positioning MCA as leaders in their field and nurturing new contacts and visitors along the customer journey. To do so, we help them to create valued content in the form of downloads, while also showcasing their people and their unique expertise as key differentiators.

Follow change, or lead it?

So your choices are: stay ahead of the curve and be the expert in your field by adding relevant, fresh, informative and inspiring organic content, or get left behind. The more knowledge and expertise you display through your website and social media content, the more likely the search engine crawlers will rank you in organic results.

You coulda been a ‘contenter’?

Do not underestimate the power of decent content! Good photos and videos will pull your visitors in - potential clients, staff and existing employees.

As Generate Leads evolves, so do our clients. We adapt, transform and grow together. Our website needed to represent the importance of our team, and the values that drive them to give the best of themselves for our clients. We decided to improve our organic game with meaningful content for our users, as well as a showcase of our pool of creativity and talent in the People page, while also nurturing leads by giving free downloadable marketing playbooks. In this way we drive change, we refresh, we generate new opportunities.

By refreshing your website, you plug the holes in the colander

Always review the holes in your colander before refreshing your website. Get the data from Google Analytics about which pages your users are leaving, the bounce rate, notice the site speed or the mobile-friendliness of your navigation. Is your customer journey too complex? Does it need an update to make it easier and more attractive? 

When working with ADCO, we saw an opportunity. The speed of the website on desktop and mobile needed improvement and as ADCO had changed and grown their teams of amazing employees their website needed to reflect the evolution. When refreshing their website, we took the action to improve the speed up to 80%, gave the entire team a round of applause and demonstrated how important they are to the success of the business. 

Not only does this help your people to develop a sense of purpose and continue to give their best, but also makes it worthwhile for them to share the link to your new fancy career page, therefore attracting qualified future employees from their personal network.

Refreshing your website is key to your success

Yes, advertising online, content strategy, and influencer marketing will push your business into the success zone. But let’s not forget about SEO strategy, a key component to make sure your business is organically on top of your game. Any website refresh plan must comprise a strategic SEO campaign to ensure you maximise the number of eyes on your new content. 

What story do the marketing metrics tell? 

Tritech is a well-known and respected M+E contractor with a strong team and a loyal client base, who built their success on Building Engineering Partnerships. Our goal in refreshing their website was to distil and reinforce their message and differentiate their brand from competitors. They wanted to  showcase their people, track record and demonstrate their innovative methodologies. Again, the word innovation. The new website now provides a rich narrative about Tritech’s unique culture and their prestigious projects.

And what happened? After we launched their new website, visits increased by 56.6%, sessions by 65.1% and the bounce rate reduced by 22%. 40% of users found the new website organically. These metrics tell a story about genuine people researching a topic and organically finding

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