Tiffany Quinn

May 29, 2022

So you’ve made a video, now what?

You’ve put in the hours. You’ve got the perfect shots. You’ve finalised the edit. But now what? Are you going to leave it to gather dust on YouTube like lots of other would-be Steven Spielbergs?

Why did you make the video?

Video is engaging, it can convey a message, it can elicit an emotional response. But what’s the point if it doesn’t reach anyone? If you are strategic, you will have had a clearly defined target audience in mind when you made the video. This dictates where you post the video: Vimeo, YouTube, TikTok, your website, Linkedin, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter – or on a presentation slide. Now, if you’re adding the video to your website you’ll need people to be able to find it. You’ll need to optimise the video for the Google spiders or it will just get lost in the bazillions of other videos on the internet. You’ll need to add the metadata, carefully written copy and some key tags – you may even reach an audience you didn’t know existed! You never know, may even want to throw a few quid at a Google ad, or a sponsored social media campaign so that it will strategically appear in front of your target audiences. Who did you make the video for?

Of course, before you made the video you’ll have decided what you want people to feel while they’re watching and what you want them to do when it’s over. Maybe you simply want to drive these users to your website where you can start building your tribe and generating leads and opportunities. Maybe you want them to call you, or give you their email address. We call this the conversion. Whatever conversion you choose, a good call to action will be necessary to achieve it. And don’t forget – if the video landing page is not optimised for User Experience then that visitor may never join your tribe. What next?

There are many steps to getting the most out of your video, the process doesn’t end when you finalise the edit and pay the camera guy. You need a filmmaker, but you also need a communication strategist. If you want to see some examples of this have a look at our Film page.

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