Tiffany Quinn

October 4, 2022

It’s not what design looks like, it’s what it does.

If I had a fiver for every time someone said to me ‘I’m not mad about that blue, what do you think?’ I'd be enjoying a glass of champagne at the Four Seasons in Paris! If you think design is just about how pretty it is, then you’re missing an opportunity to influence your client.

Art vs Design

A piece of art is about expression, imagination and creativity. It is translating beauty into a conceptual format. It is highly subjective and is in the eye of the beholder.

Design is so much more. Of course, Design is about creativity, but it is also about functionality. When devising a marketing strategy we ask: What problem am I solving? Design is exactly the same, it solves a problem through a data-driven or mathematical process. 

Steve Jobs said: “Design isn't just what it looks like and feels like — design is how it works.”

How can design make my marketing work harder?

 Just like you really need a new website, you also REALLY need a good design. Both have the same goal: attract the eye of your user and nurture him towards becoming a client. And that is what design does; it uses proven principles of layout to lead the user’s eye around a piece of work and the objective you wish to achieve. 

In design, hierarchy conveys importance, balance can be used to draw the eye, repetition makes it easy to understand lots of information at once, alignment aids reading speed, contrast creates interest.

By using design principles, we can communicate an idea, solve a client problem, or influence someone’s interaction with our content. Have you ever noticed how a Call-To-Action button knows exactly where to be when looking at a webpage? That’s it, that is part of design: setting up this button in the right format, place and colour so you notice it, and can take the action to click on it. 

Design is everywhere.

Graphic design serves a purpose, as it combines the use of typography, images, textures, and colours to share ideas or information.The expertise of typography helps you to tell your story through contrast, scale, repetition, and composition.  As for your logo? Design it so people remember it! A website without good design is like a window looking at a wall.

So what does design do?

It is not art, but it is a mix of creativity, communication and problem-solving. By putting design at the heart of your communication, you lead your potential clients along the story you want to tell. Without it, your marketing will fade, your website won’t work hard to generate leads. You will be one of those thousands of companies that exist without discovering their why. 

If you need an expert hand to design your website or brand, contact me at I’ll stay in touch, even with my glass of champagne in Paris!

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