Tiffany Quinn

May 29, 2022

How can non-profit marketers benefit from email?

So you're doing marketing for a non-profit and you have a goal, you want to raise awareness about your organisation, you're looking to find donors for your cause - and you may think email marketing is over. Think again! Eblasts and newsletters are quick, efficient, and low-cost and strategic. A subscriber to your newsletter is worth 500 followers on Twitter!

Email blasts work fantastically for those with a large list of subscribers. Sending out all your updates en masse in one non-personalised email can reach a huge amount of people. It’s a quick and efficient way to keep those with an interest in your project in the loop on the latest developments and the good work you do.

Such large-scale emails with possibly thousands of recipients can run afoul of spam filters, however, and it’s best to take steps to stop your message being lost in the ether. Text based emails, sent out on a regular basis seem to fair the best in this regard.

Being marked as “spam” by people who are not interested in what you are doing is likely going to lead to your emails being designated as such throughout the system, meaning that fewer and fewer people will have the opportunity to see your hard work. Creating a list of people who have already shown interest in your venture is the safest way to avoid this. Having them sign up to a mailing list on your website, and then using that list as your go-to for blast marketing is the safest method to avoid any of this hassle and ensure that those who have taken a shine to your endeavours continue to stay in the know.

Another option is to write more personalised emails. These have the added benefit of making those receiving your email feel more valued. An email, direct to a possible future doner, addressed with their name is more likely to be read, and when your emails are read it helps you and your non-profit organisation to grow and reach your aims.

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