Tiffany Quinn

July 7, 2023

5 Tips For Writing A Winning Awards Submission

Awards season has rolled around once again! You’re excited, you’ve got the opportunity to be recognised for your hard work, and for your name to go down in history!

But relax, take a deep breath. You could be the best worker in the world, with prestigious and innovative projects under your belt, but they may go unrewarded if you don’t know how to present your accomplishments properly.

Let us talk you through our top five tips to help you stand out on your awards submissions!

1. Treat it like an exam, answer every element of the question.

It might be difficult not to rush into your submission, but you should take your time. Just like with a tender submission, take a moment to read the questions carefully. The judges can only award points for the information asked for.

2. Make your submission stand out with some eye-catching graphics.

While staying within the confines of the topics/questions may feel a little limiting, you can still grab the judges’ attention with some well-designed imagery. Not all judges will be familiar with every area of the industry, so high quality visuals will make you stand out among the crowd.

3. Shout about your achievements, but stay within the structure of the criteria.

This one can be tough! You want to convey how great your project was, but you don’t want to seem arrogant. The best option is to stick to the facts. Absolutely go and show all of your accomplishments, but make sure that you can back them up, and make sure they fit inside the guidelines the judges have given you.

4. Add the human touch.

Buildings – construction and engineering – are for humans. As mentioned before, judges aren’t always experts on all parts of an industry, but everyone can relate to other people. If you’ve recently fitted out a new PRS scheme, then show the quality of life or comfort that you’ve increased for the tenants. If it’s a new office, show how you optimised the environment for the staff.

5. Proofread, proofread, and proofread again.

Spelling errors and typos convey a sense that you didn’t take enough care over the submission. Make sure you go back over everything that you’ve written. If you get an early start on the submission, you can take your time to mull over how you want to present your project. Inspiration can come from anywhere, so take your time and present the best version of yourself.

With 75% of the award submissions we wrote being in the finalists list, and 33% of them actually winning the awards, this shows this recipe is definitely one for success. If you need help for your submission, contact me at!

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